Where did the blog name "Whimsical Soles" come from? Nancy: I think we collectively put the name together. We were sitting around bouncing ideas back and forth and decided that we like the word whimsical. The “Soles” part, well, we like to think we’re punny. Ridiculousness aside, we felt that Whimsical Soles embodied the two of us to a T.

Bolu: Yep! I loved the name as soon as we came up with it. I’m a Gemini and I remember reading an article in a magazine assigning style to these signs and mine was “whimsical”. I thought it was so accurate I cut it out of the Magazine and pinned it on my bedroom wall. I’m pretty sure it’s still there now, so it was the perfect name to represent us.


How would you sum up your style in 5 words or less?

Bolu: Comfortable, Casual, Sophisticated, Monochrome, in transition

Nancy: Clean. Comfortable. Balanced. Neutral. Cali-chic.


What are some of your favourite places to shop?

Nancy: I love J.Crew and RW&Co for work attire, Nastygal and Zara for going out, and H&M for affordable staples. I occasionally haunt consignment stores and local boutiques for unique pieces. Bolu and I also have to drag each other away from everything in Club Monaco.

Bolu: I swear half my closet is from ASOS. Love Zara, J.Crew, Topshop and Mango. JC Penny and Macys when I go to the states. Definitely a fan of thrifting as well.


What or who inspires your style? Do you have a fashion icon?

Nancy: I’m inspired by what my friends wear a lot of time. I also love people-watching; I keep in mind the styles I liked on other people. I have a style crush on Aimee from Song of Style and Jeannieism on Instagram.

Bolu: I think fellow bloggers inspire me the most. Some of my current favs are Songofstyle, Patricia Bright, Shirley’s wardrobe, gabifresh. Rihanna is definitely one of my fashion icons. She can pull off literally anything from hair to outfits. I like that she always plays with fashion.


What is currently the most worn item in your closet?

Bolu: Probably any white shirt I own. They go with everything so I can just throw on jeans and shorts going to class. Nothing fancy, just an everyday outfit.

Nancy: My plaid blanket scarf from Zara Men! Someone left the scarf in the women’s section and I picked it up and fell in love with it. Now that the weather is routinely below 0ºC in Ottawa, this scarf goes everywhere I go.


Your friend calls you from a bar to say they just ran into {insert man/woman of your dreams here}. You need to go meet up with them and have 10 minutes to get ready. What do you decide to throw on?

Bolu: I would throw on a short a-line dress with some cute flat booties so i could run there faster (ha!) grab a clutch and put on some eyeliner with a vibrant lipstick. Takes less than 10 minutes and I look instantly put together.

Nancy: Man of my dreams eh? I’d swap my glasses for contacts, line my eyes with black eyeliner, and slap on some lip balm. For my outfit, I’d go simple and wear a white v-neck tee tucked into a black skater skirt. Depending on where I am meeting up with them, I’ll wear either my dressy flat sandals or my wedges. Because, I totally didn’t try right? ;)


What beauty product can't you leave home without?

Nancy: I’m pretty lax when it comes to everyday beauty products but I never leave home without a lip balm in my purse. When I head to work, I prefer Armani’s Maestro foundation for light coverage and Stila black liquid eyeliner. I also tend to carry around dental floss and hand cream in my purse because the universe punishes me if I don’t (spinach in my teeth before an important meeting? Seriously?!).

Bolu: Firstly, lip balm. I hate cracked and dry lips so I think its a necessity, especially during frigid Canadian winters.  Also, I don’t leave my house without putting on some lipstick, even if it’s one that blends in with my lip colour. Without lipstick, I feel washed out so I think it just adds some colour to the face. It’s a small thing that takes you from an 8 to 10.


What is on your wishlist at the moment?

Bolu: You can check out my unattainable wish list here. Realistically, I want more dresses. I’m working on adding more neutrals to my closet. I am currently searching for a textured motorcycle leather jacket, and the perfect sweater dress. The item that has been on my wishlist probably since birth is a burberry trench coat. Also, I'll take Olivia Pope’s closet thanks.

Nancy: The perfect leather jacket, a classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress, some sexy thigh high boots, and a vintage Chanel flap bag. See my wishlist for more coveted pieces.


Favourite song to get ready to?

Nancy: Partition by Beyonce and Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson.

Bolu: 7/11 by Beyonce, Style by Taylor Swift.


Tell us 5 random facts about you.




  1. I eat ice cream religiously. There is no such thing as “too cold for ice cream”.
  2. I come from an unusually tall Chinese family.
  3. Efficiency is always appreciated.
  4. I can never have enough of black and white clothing. Never.
  5. I’m a bag person learning to become a shoe person.




  1. I own a One Direction mug, thanks to my fam :)
  2. Nigeria born, not raised.
  3. Favourite colour is purple despite the lack of purple in my closet.
  4. I love to cook.
  5. I drink tea all day everyday.