Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Bolu: This weekend was the annual Tim Horton's Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa. The four day long festival featured an impressive list of Canadian artists performing. Best part? It was completely free.




I decided to dress as bohemian as I possibly could considering the event was an outdoor music festival on the beach.




I wore a Mango maxi skirt paired with a vintage crochet  tank and topped it off with my flower headband from H&M.






Nancy: We first took note of the Dragon Boat Festival when I saw an ad at the Royal Oak a few weeks ago. My Westcoast sensors started tingling the minute I saw the words "The Zolas" and "free admission" on the same poster. While Bolu has never heard of  The Zolas, I was introduced to them a few years back when I still lived in Vancouver. They are an indie-pop-rock band headed by lead singer/guitarist Zach Gray and pianist Tom Dobrazanski. I am unabashedly a huge fan (you may even say I am a fan-girl...).


20140619_204849 DSCN1212_DxO       DSCN1205_DxO





Bolu: I loved lead singer Zach Gray's outfit. His funky sunglasses and boat shoes made it effortlessly hipster chic. That is officially a thing now.

Nancy: I swoon.

Recommended Songs: Escape Artist, In Heaven, Ancient Mars, Strange Girl, You're Too Cool, Marlaina Kamikaze (and every song they've ever released -Nancy)












DSCN1233_DxO         DSCN1238_DxO


Bolu: I first found out about Stars when I picked up their CD, "Set Yourself on Fire", at a second-hand record store back in the early days of high school. I instantly fell in love with their indie/rock/eclectic sound and thought that their mix of male and female vocal blend was refreshingly unique. When I saw that they were performing at the Festival, my inner teenager squealed with joy. It was perfect timing how Stars and The Zolas were scheduled to play on the same day. Despite their age, they put on an extremely energetic and exciting performance.

Nancy: Now the situation is reversed. I've never heard of Stars before but I'm so glad Bolu has. Their songs really resonated with me and, as I looked behind me, the entire crowd.

Recommended Songs: Take Me to the Riot, We don't Want Your Body, Personal




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We went back to the Festival on Sunday to see Down With Webster. It was the perfect way to end off the weekend!


Till next time~

Bolu and Nancy