November Favourites

November Favourites

Nancy: Between preparing and attending Spark Sessions Bloggers Conference (a post on that soon!), working on our new layout, and finishing up school stuff, November went by like a whirl wind. Before we knew it, the leaves have fallen and first snow has come and gone. With a day left before my personal favourite month begins, we’re sharing our top 3 favourites of November!


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1. Black Stripe and Rose Kate Spade Notebooks (found here)

Kate Spade might just be the only brand to make me ridiculously excited about stationary and office supplies. Chapters carries a great selection of items and I recently purchased these notebooks as part of my Black Friday Chapters shopping spree! They come as a set of 2 in these super pretty prints which is their selling point. Who doesn't love a pretty notebook?

2. One Direction- Four (found here)

This album has been on repeat for the majority of November. It has a great mix of fun pop songs to dance around the apartment along with some slower and relaxed melodies. I think most major events of the month have happened to the soundtrack of one of these songs.

Ready to run and Girl Almighty was blasting in my ears as I came home high on the joy of having just finished writing my midterm that had me stressed for weeks! 18, Fireproof, and Fools Gold kept me company in bed as I was recovering from the flu. Steal my girl, which you can listen to below, was on repeat for at least 2 hours as Nancy and I worked to finish our business cards.

3. Youthberry White Tea (found here)

I am a self proclaimed tea fanatic. Although David's Tea is my go to place for most of my tea collection, Teavana does carry a few of my favourites and this Youthberry White Tea is one of them. I love white teas in general and this one is a nice refreshing blend with a hint of fruity sweetness. Love it!


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1. Luxe Oversized Knits (found here)

I’m still on the hunt for the sweater with the perfect draping, length, and softness. There’s few things better this Winter than keeping warm in a chic cozy sweater and a cup of hot cocao. A much more affordable version can be found at Zara (here).

2. Cranberry Woods Three-Wick Candle (found here)

Fall and Winter brings out the candle-hoarding freaks within us (you don't want to know how much time we spent in Bath and Body Works & Chapters...). My favourite for this month has to be the Cranberry Woods from Bath and Body Works. The delicious scent of this candle is calming and yet keeps me brimming with excitement, with thoughts of the holiday season to come.

3. Black Knee High Wedge Boots (found here)

Those are Jimmy Choos... For a more affordable version, have a look at the Born Olana pair here. We've been lucky this season so far in that Sorels are not necessary yet. I've been happily stomping around in my tall Kenneth Cole leather wedge boots this whole month at every chance I got. The wedge lends the touch of comfort to an otherwise sleek and leg-lengthening pair of boots.


Till next time!

~Bolu and Nancy