Review: My Diary Aloe Mask

Review: My Diary Aloe Mask

Bolu: It seems the stress of a busy semester has made its mark on my face. Meaning, I saw some dark eye circles and started freaking out about wrinkles and ageing and all my youth going down the drain. I admit, it was a slightly over dramatic reaction, but it lead to Nancy and I going on a mini shopping spree for all the Asian beauty and facial products on We both have dry and sensitive skin (which is statistically proven to age faster) so our paranoia was not unfounded. The My Diary Aloe Mask from Taiwan is just one of the many masks we purchased. I was pretty excited to try it out as it claims to be moisturizing and smoothing which sounds like heaven to a dry skinned girl.

My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask

It's super easy to use as you just lay it on your face and then peel off when you're done. I did notice that my skin was very soft and moisturized afterwards and it did not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. The mask left my skin feeling very refreshed and smooth. Overall, I would recommend it. It fulfills its promise of moisturizing and smoothing, and skin treatments with aloe are always great as aloe leaves help fight ageing and reduce fine lines. They also keep skin hydrated which is great especially in the winter when skin becomes dehydrated much quicker.

Nancy: My face is always in need of moisturizing as sometimes, even layering moisturizers isn't enough. Thus, this aloe mask seemed like a promising reinforcement to my skin regime! The My Diary Aloe mask felt refreshing and provided me an excuse to relax for the next twenty or so minutes. I think the mask definitely lived up to its promise as it left my face feeling super soft and supple into the next day. Recommend!

As the My Diary Aloe Mask comes from Taiwan, all instructions and ingredients are in Chinese. It's a fairly self-explanatory product but I've translated the instructions for you below. :)



  1. Remove make up, wash your face as usual, and pat face dry.
  2. Open the individually wrapped face mask and position it on your face. (Tip! Open up the face mask and keep the plaster on while you position the mask, working from the forehead to the chin. When positioned, remove the plastic carefully by picking from a top edge, tilping your head back while keeping one finger firmly on the mask below, and slowly peeling the plastic away from top to bottom).
  3. Relax for the next 20 - 30 minutes while the mask works it's magic!
  4. Remove the mask after 30 minutes. (Tip! The masks are super loaded with mask essence, so use the mask as a wipe on the other parts of your body that needs extra moisturizing before throwing the mask away).



Till next time!

~Bolu and Nancy

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