Guide: Holiday Office Party Outfits

Guide: Holiday Office Party Outfits

The holidays are almost here but there's one more hurdle before you can high tail it out of the office -- that company holiday party. You could not go, but how much work are you going to get done anyways when everyone else is (responsibly) partying the afternoon away? So here are some effortless festive looks and tips to help you dress the part (and we mean effortless).

The number one trick in putting together a "festive" look is to go for warm tone colours. In this collage of outfits, the dominant colours we relied on were red, burgandy (red tones), and a glimmering green. Gold and purple are also no-brainer colours that liven up a holiday outfit. These colours warm up crisp whites, blacks, and even blue.

From Left to Right...


  1. Do Festive Friday: It's casual Friday and you really want to wear jeans on the one work day when jeans are socially acceptable. We don't blame you, so do it. Wear them jeans and pair it with a sweater in one of the colours we mentioned above. Since jeans and a sweater are both laidback staples, layer a starched-crisp white blouse under the sweater for a more put-together look.
  2. Do Subtle Sparkle: I love a good subtle sparkle. This pencil skirt I picked up from RW&Co last year gives the perfect shimmer and lends a touch of whimsy to a standard office outfit. A red knit sweater scarf (this one also has sparkles!) warms up this monochromatic look.
  3. Festive Chic Everyday: This is the amp-ed up version of the first outfit, with a baroque shimmering green pencil skirt replacing the comfy blue jeans. A pencil skirt is an easy way to chic up an office outfit, something about its silhouette...
  4. *Standard Affair: Okay. This is for the lady who Has. No. Time (or just reject all festive colours). There's a million things better to do than figuring out what to wear to an office party (such as figuring out what to wear for the Christmas dinner, or Hanukkah gathering, or NYE...). Solution? Rock a bold red lip! Stick with basics white, blue, or black on the outfit front to let your red pout shine. It's the one time of the year when your co-workers won't think it's an overkill for the office anyways. Take full advantage of it.


So there you have it! May you look fantastic and muster up the strength to limit yourself to that one glass of bubbly.

Till next time!

~Bolu and Nancy