Despite labelling ourselves "Whimsical Soles" our fashion tends to lean more towards clean, comfortable, and sophisticated looks. Especially in recent months, Nancy's preference of shades as opposed to colours has definitely rubbed off on me, made apparent by all my recent black and white purchases. However, I think glimpses of my whimsical side show up in my clothing choices often enough. Such as this super pretty tulle skirt! One of the great things I love about tulle is that it fully captures the whimsical feeling compared to my everyday outfits. It's fun to wear and Β super fun to shoot, just running around in a tulle skirt bringing back memories of playing dress up when I was younger.

My Marylin Monroe moment


When I bought this skirt I already had an outfit planned around it. In order to toughen it up and dress down the tulle, I would pair it with a plain crop top and a black leather jacket. Although that is my ideal tulle look, the day was sweltering hot so a leather jacket was unfortunately a no go.

Having just got back from work wearing this lavender lace dress I realized it was a similar colour to my skirt so just threw it on top. Paired with my aztec print wedges I think this is a pretty cute easy summer look. Plus, all the fun you have twirling is reason enough to add a tulle skirt to your wardrobe.


Skirt: ASOS

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden




Till next time,