Whimsical Soles Talk: Ottawa Winter Style

Whimsical Soles Talk: Ottawa Winter Style

Even though today was delightfully warm, we all know the sunshine isn't here to stay. If you live in Canada (exception being parts of BC), you know that El Nino or not, the cold is coming. When the temperature drops into the double digits and the wind chill hits, there really only seems to be three choices: stay warm, look cute, or stay in bed. Everything except the last choice is mutually exclusive by the way (or at least, that's what it feels like!). To get you and me through the next couple of months, I chatted with local fashion bloggers Chantal (above, left) and Katherine (above, right) on how to stay stylish and warm during Ottawa winters.

Katherine is one half of the blogging duo at OurMode.ca, a his-and-hers style blog. I've been following their blog for a while because they're just so cute and stylish! Chantal runs Modexlusive.com and blogs about curvy fashion. I love her upbeat writing style -- Plus the woman has amazing makeup skills!

I reached out to them to record a short podcast on Ottawa winter style, talking about everything from how to score a good deal on coats, to the Winter trend that needs to disappear. Check it out below! :)


Do you agree with Chantal and Katherine? Or are you on the fence about your favourite footwear being the worst winter trend ever? Let us know down below!

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