Why I'm going to The Closet Collective this Friday

Why I'm going to The Closet Collective this Friday

Nancy: I saw Dominique's (Style Domination) Facebook post the other day about The Closet Collective event happening this Friday and was all, sign me up! *whips out credit card*

In a nutshell, The Closet Collective, put together for the second year by Carolynn Lacasse of J’Adore This and the Ottawa School of Art (OSA), is pure awesomeness. For $30, you get a glass of champagne and a bag; you can then browse an entire floor at the OSA set up boutique-style, and fill your bag with as much pre-loved goodies as you can. Pieces are donated by some of the most well-dressed women in Ottawa, and all proceeds go to the OSA's programming and their out-reach program that offers free art classes to at-risk children and youth in Ottawa. Any clothing not snapped up will be forwarded to Dress for Success and St. Joe's Women's Centre.


Why am I attending (and why you should attend too)?

Curiosity: I'm nosy and I want to know what belonged in the closets of the most fashionable women in Ottawa. I saw a sneak peek on on YOWCityStyle's Instagram and wow. You can bet I'm looking forward to this Pink Tartan dress (and more)!

De-stressing: I happen to have a midterm on Friday which ends at 5:20pm. I'm going to mad dash it over to the OSA in 10min for my complimentary glass of bubbly and bag to fill with treasures. I might even get more than one bag (only $10 more!).

Recycling: The thing with shopping (which I happen to love love love) is that some pieces have a definite shelf life. Sure, I wear my basics to death, but there is only so many times one beautiful formal dress can be worn by myself and all the friends that borrow it before we all decide that it needs a new home. I'm definitely looking forward to finding new well-loved pieces and continue giving the love they deserve.

Shop for a Cause: I'm lucky that I can reasonably afford nice clothing, food, and rent (and I'm also skilled at hunting for the sale on sale on sales), but many women don't have that luxury. This is an amazing opportunity to not only have fun but help out the community.

Tickets are selling fast. Get your ticket at The Closet Collective.

Are you going to be at Closet Collective this Friday? Hit me up and we'll go for cake afterwards or something. ;)


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*Feature photo from The Closet Collective Facebook page.

*Pink Tartan outfit photo from @YOWCityStyle Instagram.