Musings of a Cookie Monster

Despite the frankly disappointing lack of cookies in my immediate vicinity at the moment, I feel like this jacket does a great job at channeling the cookie monster. It totally looks like the fur of a high fashion cookie monster from Paris that only eats 100% organic gluten free cookies or something. Sesame Street needs to create this character stat! ... or I need to stop creating back stories for my clothing.

I'm currently writing this post during a short study break, finals are upon us so of course my body decided it would be the perfect time to get sick. Between gulping down excessive amounts of green tea (great for boosting the immune system!), fighting the tempting lull of sleep, and frantically writing study notes (on page 20 and counting…), I figured I would make my procrastination slightly more productive and finally get these pictures out, I've been sitting on them for a few weeks now. 

  The wind did not care about my wishes, or the fact I had spent the morning trying to curl my hair

The wind did not care about my wishes, or the fact I had spent the morning trying to curl my hair

I have to say these are some of my favourite photos simply for the location, how gorgeous is this bridge? Places like this make me really glad I’m staying in Ottawa. Theres so many beautiful locations around this city and I haven’t photographed nearly enough of them. 

Architecture is just one of those things that blows my mind, I wonder how much manpower and time it took to build this. Since my mind is full of all things Ancient Greek for my final tomorrow, it’s really cool to see all the ways Greece has influenced western culture. Although I originally took the course because I thought it would be easy (HA HA jokes on me) I have to say, there are some pros to learning more about the world of the ancient Greeks. I love walking down the street, spotting a building and seeing the influence like the use of ionic column capitals at Tabaret. 

I was recently talking to Nancy about how much I need a documentary depicting world history from the beginning of time in a linear timeline. Of course she promptly dashed my dreams pointing out the fact that historians can never agree on certain events. But whenever I read about Cleopatra, dinosaurs, Marie Antoinette, King Henry VIII, Alexandria, so on and so forth, I always find myself wondering when all these amazing historical events and figures occurred in relation to each other. Like what happened between the time of Alexander the Great to the rise of the British empire? I'm sure these questions could be answered with a simple Google search but I’m going to need the discovery channel to make some dramatic historical docu-series to enjoy. I can’t be the only person that thinks of these things. 

Jacket: BCBG Generation

Dress: ASOS

On a completely separate note, how great is my cookie monster jacket? I literally had it in my closet for nearly a year and this was my first time wearing it because I couldn't figure out what to pair with it. A statement piece like this is very difficult to style but it’s hard to go wrong with black and a simple silhouette. Now I can’t stop wearing it; the first time is always the hardest. 

Anyway, I think I’ve procrastinated for long enough. Next time I post I will have officially finished all my undergraduate university requirements. This will be me as I walk out of my last exam: 

Unless something goes terribly, terribly, wrong… 

Till next time,

~ Bolu