5 days in Vancouver

5 days in Vancouver

After hearing Nancy go on and on about Vancouver for the past 6 years of knowing each other, I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and book my flight. I spent a gloriously hectic 5 days in Vancouver taking in the natural beauty of the landscape and enjoying the never ending scrumptious food options. My trip can basically be summed up in this: So. Much. Food. + Pretty Mountains *heart eyes*

I thought I was so smart booking a trip to the warmest place in Canada mid February so I could escape the worst part of Ottawa's terrible winter. It was just my luck or Nancy's bad luck that the year she moves back home would be the coldest winter Vancouver has ever seen in 30 years. Some of Ottawa's charming weather must have followed her home. Thankfully, once I arrived, the skies opened, the sun came out, and beautiful weather returned to the city. I take personal responsibility for this.


I enjoyed 5 blissful days of sightseeing, eating, and shopping. Despite my love for travelling, I've never seen the majority of this big country. Seeing the differences in the B.C landscape compared to Ontario was pretty cool. Note to self: see more of Canada.

These pictures don't do Vancouver justice. It has the most beautiful terrain. I loved that I could walk from downtown to the the Seawall to the beach to Stanley Park then back downtown. The fact that all this is within walking (or busing) distance is amazing to me. Then to top it all off, on days with clear skies you look up and see mountains. How cool is that?

I 100% fell in love with Vancouver. I can't wait until my next visit :)


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