Cambridge Charm

Cambridge Charm

Nancy: We weren't planning to visit Cambridge at first. Many Chinese visitors love visiting famous schools and university towns abroad, but I never understood the fascination. A last minute recommendation from my mother's co-worker however, convinced my parents that if we're going to skip Oxford, we should at least go to Cambridge. She was right. Cambridge is a must-see and here's why.

Cambridge is a proper charming university town. Truth to be told, I can easily picture myself enjoying the beautiful sunshine while a cute English boy punts me down the stream. Maybe we'll even have a snog afterwards on the grassy banks, joining all the other love-struck couples. What a daydream. Instead, I had my dad valiantly attempting this punting business, which was infinitely less sexy and more stomach-achingly hilarious.


Renting a boat was 18 pounds per hour, which meant my mother got to order my dad around for one glorious hour.

"You're doing it wrong!"

"Look at what everyone else is doing!"

"Watch out for your head!"

The instructions did not help. It took us over 20 minutes just to turn our boat in the right direction and we ran into every other boat along the way. Dad punted us into endless leaves and branches. We ducked under every single bridge and collectively sighed over the Bridge of Sigh (a must see on my parents' list). We actually got stuck along the stone wall at some point.I'm sure everyone thought we were crazy.

It was the best 18 pounds we've ever spent.


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