The Flying Rat

The Flying Rat

Bolu: Anyone who knows me knows that the main loves of my life all start with 'F' - food, fashion, family,friends,...fluffy puppies. On the other hand, the things I find most distasteful begin with 'P', mostly paying bills and especially pigeons *I shudder*. 

Through some terrible luck and/or bad karma, I managed to get an apartment with a balcony that a group of pigeons have decided to claim as their own. They poop and squeak, hopping around with complete disregard of the fact that I am paying rent for their lovely accommodations. Needless to say, I am not impressed.

This large art installation of 3 pigeons in front of The Museum of Nature references Andy Warhol and pop art which I was mildly obsessed with in high-school. So I was inspired to create my own form of modern art as you can see below. I call it flying rat.

Wearing my amazingly on trend ripped jean jacket from Topshop.

Till next time,