Bolu: 2016 has been such an amazing year for music: from Kanye's “Life of Pablo”, to Beyoncé's “Lemonade”, and most recently Solange's “A seat at the table” – seriously, if you haven’t listened to that album, you must. Another one of my favourite albums this year is “Mind of Mine” by Zayn. I’m a huge fan and I listened to it semi-religiously. As I write this post, Rear View is on, the thumping bass accompanies me as I type away on my couch. Fashion and music has always gone hand-in-hand, so it comes as no surprise that fashion houses continue to collaborate with musicians, notably, FentyxPuma, YeezyxAddidas, and more recently ZaynxVersus Versace.

Fashionable tour merchandise has also become a big trend, with Kanye and Bieber merch being sold in stores like Urban Outfitters and Barneys. When Zayn released his own merch collection, I knew I had to get in on the action. Originally I was drawn to this gorgeous arabic bomber jacket, but with a price tag of $200 AMERICAN dollars (that loonie isn't what it used to be!), it simply was not an option. Instead, I got this cool graphic “Z-Day” shirt designed in collaboration with illustrator Mark Wilkinson.


I had this exact outfit in mind when I purchased it, pants be damned. One perk of being short is that you can get away with "forgetting" to wear pants. HA!

I paired the Z-Day shirt "dress" with my Steve Madden thigh high boots and threw on a destroyed denim jacket from Topshop to finish off the look. This is as rock & roll as I get people.

Till next time,