Better than Vogue

Oh my it's been awhile, If you're wondering what I've been up to the past month and a bit, I'll start off with my short vacation at the cottage. I stayed there for 3 days for the first and last time in the small area of Tobermory. I admit the views were absolutely gorgeous (pictures may be posted later), but I feel like people should provide warnings about the chances of encountering mice and other rodents when you go live in the wilderness. Some may debate classifying a waterside cottage as "wilderness" but long story short, it's not for me-- I'll be sticking to the city thank you very much. After that, I attended a Beyoncรฉ concert (highlight of life), got super ill, and officially graduated. Yes, it finally happened. Nancy and I slayed our convocation ceremony last week famished and dehydrated, and still managed not to trip on stage. Kudos to us.

But back to the most important thing...Beyoncรฉ.

Bomber Jacket: Hera Tees

Tank: Ivy Park

Jeans: Forever 21


Having the opportunity to see the greatest entertainer alive perform her masterpiece Lemonade on my birthday was phenomenal. I was entertained and inspired. One of my favourite sayings is "you have as many hours in the day as Beyoncรฉ". It really puts things into perspective and is a reminder to constantly push yourself to do better. The inspiration I admit, I have been lacking lately.

Apart from singing and performing, Queen Bee is now designing active wear. Her line Ivy Park launched just a few months ago and of course, I'm a fan. I really like the simplicity of the designs and the mostly neutral colour palette of black, white and grey. As I've briefly mentioned before, active wear is really becoming a popular staple to incorporate into daily street style.

I decided to to pair this Ivy Park tank with a bomber jacket from Hera Tees (I feel the need to point out that I bought this before bomber jackets became the huge trend they are now), black pants from forever 21, and these gorgeous FENTYxPUMA red trainers.

I LOVE the concept Rihanna created with these trainers. She's yet another celebrity cosigning fashionable active wear; her whole FENTY collection with PUMA is amazing. No surprise, everything she touches turns to gold so of course, these were nearly impossible to find. Thankfully, the struggle was worth it! They're super comfortable and stylish. The only difficulty is putting together outfits that don't clash with the red. I find that the best option is black on black, so as to really bring out the pop of red. For a less street-wear look, I would throw on a slip dress and oversized wool coat, and accessorize with a thick band choker - all black of course.

Till next time, ~ Bolu