Whip It

"I whip my hair back & forth, I whip my hair back & forth, just whip it...whip it real good!" 

Anyone else remember this song by Willow Smith? It was huge when it came out in 2011. I remember going to a friend's birthday party super excited, because it was a real dance party in a basement with DJs and I was actually allowed to stay out late (a rare occurrence in a Nigerian household). The song was blasting and we all formed a circle whipping our hair back and forth.

I had braids then too and anyone who's ever sported a full head of long braids knows how heavy they can be. Surprisingly, I was only minimally worried about my chances of whiplash. I let the momentum carry me and swung my hair back and forth, and had an absolute blast.


Here I am again with braids whipping them around on Nancy's balcony. I guess some things never change.

Till next time,