10 Lessons I've learned over 25 years

10 Lessons I've learned over 25 years

I'm officially 25. It may not feel like it but that means I've lived a quarter of a century and in that time I like to think I've amassed a teeny bit of knowledge. Every birthday seems to come with a healthy dose of reflection after all the partying and the hangover has warn off it truly starts to hit me that I'm one year older. So here's a list of the main lessons that come to mind at 25. I might not have everything figured out, but I'm fairly certain I'm on the right path.


1. Nurture your friendships/ relationships - The older I get the more I realize how much work it takes to maintain friendship. With many of my friends scattered around the world, things like time differences or busy schedules make it easy to go weeks or even months without speaking. It's certainly not logical to expect 2 busy adults to speak everyday but it's important to make the effort to check in once in awhile. 

2. Money matters! Save!!! - Growing up my parents would always tell me this but I don't think I really understood the importance of financial security until fairly recently. It's important to save as much as you can with every pay for a rainy day (or rainy year). So, here's my PSA: try to become financially literate or hire a financial adviser. Look into TFSA's, RRSP's and Mutual Funds. 

3. Travel the world - I understand it's a huge luxury, not everyone can drop everything and fly to Europe but even if you're just discovering a nearby city or province, travel is essential for the soul. There's so many beautiful places to see, food to eat, cultures to experience and people to meet. Most of my greatest adventures and experiences have happened while overseas. 

4. People come into your life for a reason or a season - It's a tough one, but learn to let people go. By 25 I've met many different people that were once in my life that no longer are. I've learned people enter our lives to teach you a lesson that you need to learn or to help you open a door you were unable to get through yourself (this is not literal lol). Simply acknowledge their place in your story and keep it moving. 

5. Take risks - Some of the greatest rewards come from taking a risk and facing those fears head on.


6. Social Media isn't real life - It's a bit cliche but don't compare someone's highlight reel to your back stage. I think social media is great for getting inspiration and following different types of people and I love documenting my life on instagram, but I also know it's only about 5% of my actual life. I'm not posting snoozing my alarm at 6am, bussing to work, or watching Netflix in my pjs so I assume it's the same for everyone else. 

7. Networking really is everything - Here's something else that I always heard growing up that I never really understood. The plain truth is you can work super hard but if you don't take the time to network and foster relationships, you're going nowhere. Definitely work very hard but also be nice and personable so that people take note and want to go out of their way to help you land that next position. It's less about using people and more about being a genuinely nice person that's able to make connections. Also, networking across is more effective than trying to network up. 

8. Learn something new - Learning shouldn't stop once you're out of school. You should always strive to read and remain competitive by increasing your knowledge constantly 

9. It's okay to not have it all figured out - I remember thinking I would have my life together by 25 like it was some kind of magic adulting number. HA! It's completely okay and frankly normal to not have your whole life figured out by 25, as long as you keep working at it and spend your time doing something of value while trying to figure it out. 

10. Your body changes - I say this to say, I cannot eat the same amount of sweets I once did, I actually like vegetables now and staying up all night is just not possible anymore. It's a bit depressing to be frank. 

Bonus: Don't sleep with your makeup on - just don't do it, your skin will thank you later. 

xoxo - B